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R&R shop is a company committed to helping make sustainability simple and easy for individuals to be as sustainable as they choose.



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Being environmentally sustainable is a journey and takes a minute to unpack. Understanding the effects, a product has on the environment before it comes into your possession can be overwhelming. Being someone who started their journey towards sustainability after seeing a recycling commercial on TV, it took me a while to completely understand what environmental sustainability is and how one can achieve being sustainable.

Doing a deep dive into how sustainability connects with consumerism I learned that there are many everyday products that negatively impact the environment and our health. I also found that most of these products could be easily substituted for clean sustainable products if people were properly informed.

That is how R&R shop was started. R&R shop is here as a resource to help those who want to start their journey towards sustainability. From fashion to recipes to household goods, R&R shop will be here to help.